Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doors Flinging Open!

Really cool things happening this way! Connections and networking opportunities have presented themselves in so many ways. When you are on a faith walk and on the right track, there will be signs to let you know that you are on the right track.

Good News or Bad News First? Let's start with the bad news.
So my trip to New Orleans, LA didn't happen. The program I wanted to go observe didn't want to see me...  : (

Sad? Yep. BUT they offered to answer any questions I might have via email. So, that's sweet. They also put me on to another really cool after-school program that I will probably go visit. http://www.littlekidsrock.org/index.html

I'm prepared to experience some amazing highs, but also some difficult lows on this journey. In the end it will all work out for the good.
Now For The Cool Stuff...
I'm blessed to be the pianist for Robert Robinson http://robertrobinsonmusic.com he performs all over the place and I get to go with him. It's amazing. Period. I'll post performance dates soon, for now check out his website and you can find where we'll be next. Anyhow, we played a gig for an amazing organization here called Urban Ventures http://www.urbanventures.org.

I met the coolest man on planet earth at this gig. His name is Art Erickson, he is the Founder of Urban Ventures and wants to meet, talk, and help me with my program!!!

This is the 1st of many meetings I will be having like this in the next few weeks. Cool? Yep.
Here is Art with the children from Urban Ventures!
I've made great strides lately towards making my dream a reality. I've started working out and eating healthier foods, I've also been screwing down a lot of the nuts & bolts of my Vision/Business Plan. Take a look...

Thanks Again...
As always, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to check out my blog! It is much appreciated. The blog has been up for a little more than a week and has already received over 500 views.

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