Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brighter Days Ahead...

For a while now I've been feeling like I'm supposed to be contributing more to this world. I'm absolutely thrilled with what I have been able to accomplish thus far...but I feel like there is so much more in me. Much bigger and greater things for me to do.

Since I was 14 years old I knew that I was called to do music. But what did that mean? I now understand my life mission and purpose.

Drum Roll Please...
After much debate and a little inner turmoil, I've decided to follow that which burns deep inside of me, an inner-city after school music program for students that can't afford opportunities in the arts. We will provide tutoring, life skills coaching, all sorts of music instruction, performance opportunities, a healthy meal, and a loving and caring learning environment for students who need it most.

So What Now??? Monday, October 8th
Monday, October 8th, I'm headed to New Orleans, LA to volunteer and learn from my 1st program. I was watching CNN Heroes and stumbled across this amazing organization who is doing an after-school program a lot like the vision God has given me. The program is called The Roots of Music and you can learn more about them here: http://therootsofmusic.com

After visiting New Orleans I will then head to Baltimore, MD to volunteer and study from the Baltimore School of The Arts and their TWIGGS After-School Program. More info about them here: http://www.bsfa.org/home

So stay tuned! I'll be blogging about all of these wonderful institutions and sharing what I took away from each and every experience. And I'll also be updating you on the status and development of my program!

Did I mention that my graduate thesis is on this very topic!? Learning about these amazing programs, pursuing my dreams, and fulfilling my thesis requirement for graduate school all at the same time.

Down The Road...Thinking Out Loud
One of my goals is that 100% of the students enrolled in the program go on to higher education. Another vision is to have world-renowned musicians and artists visit the school encouraging the students to follow and pursue their dreams.


The single item that's heaviest on my mind. If you know of any people who might be of help please let me know. I know that funding this program will go smoothly because inner-city youth work is detrimental to our society. There is a great need, and not enough being done about it.

My last rant...I PROMISE!

  • After-school outreach activities are gaining increased attention and funding because of the awareness that children from at-risk neighborhoods need supervised, safe, and constructive focus during the hours following school. 
  • Juvenile crime rates “spike” around 3:00pm, just after students are released from school with nothing to do and no adult supervision. 
  • Successful after-school programs help at-risk children develop better school attendance, work habits, and grades, better social skills and emotional adjustment, and overall greater self-esteem and aspirations for the present and the future. 
  • Unfortunately, there are not enough after-school programs available, particularly in urban areas, to meet the demand for them.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my blog. It is much appreciated! 

David Billingsley

The Billingsley School of Music & Arts, Inc.
Executive Director


  1. Man, Dav this is so awesome thank God for the vision, I know that many parents will be grateful for this opportunity for their children, wish were able to do it in Racine as well. The children here would benefit from this opportunity , if I can do anything let me know.

  2. Thanks Ed! Appreciate the love and support. I'll be calling on you soon! : )

    1. No prob bro and sweet deal, look forward to it, however I can help.

  3. This is an amazing vision & needed in our community! I'm extremely proud & I'll be praying for a successful program! Love you bro & if ever you need me for anything, you know I got you!
    Peace Love & chicken wings! :)

  4. Thanks a ton Courtland! Will definitely get you involved. You have a heart like mine. : ) Love.

  5. David.. I'm so excited for this venture of yours. I know that things are going to come together for you, I can't wait to see the manifestation. If you ever need help with anything: Marketing, PR, Administration <-- I've been diving my hands into these areas massively.. I'm here to help. Anything to revive our youth. :D. Super Charged. Excited.

  6. Outstanding! Anything I can do to help/support I will.

  7. Tyaira! Thanks so much! Yes! I will need tons of help. I'll keep you posted!

  8. Hey Keisha!

    I will definitely let you know shortly!

  9. AYE BRO..THIS IS FANTASTIC! This program will definitely impact the Youth on so many levels. I'm praying everything comes together. So proud of you Dave. You've always had a heart to serve people. God bless you!